Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tri, Tri again.

Sometimes I think about the mentality behind a triathlete, the thoughts that go through the mind of someone who can push themselves past boundaries and through walls.  It's really fundamentally quite different from the way some people react to issues.  At the end of the day, the truth is we are all going to hit a wall, encounter an obstacle, run into problems.  There is no controlling that, it is the way the world works, the only thing we can control is how we react to the issue.

I see two extremes  one is that we throw our hands in the air, throw a little tantrum, whine to everybody around us hoping they will tear down the wall for us, and when they don't, we scream and pound our fists till we eventually get too tired and fall asleep.  Just like a toddler.  Once this show is all over, we go in another direction, deeming that the first was impossible and a failure.  We stop running, stop biking, stop trying to swim, because it was too hard, because "I can't swim" because "it is too far" whatever.  Then the reasons and excuses come out and we rationalize our way out of the truth, which is that we quit.

The other extreme is that we instantly evaluate the failure, realizing that it is simply a stepping stone to be overcome, talk with our advisers about what went wrong, talk about what went well and hatch a wiser smarter plan.  Then we get back on the horse / bike / road and try again.

The truth is that success and failure are not two possible outcomes of our efforts in life, but they are one and the same.  The truth is that failure is on the road to success, and we must break through failure to get to success.  We are all of us somewhere between these two extremes   Some closer to the second, some closer to the first!

Honestly it's not about the mind of a triathlete at all, it's about the mind of a well adjusted butt kicker!  I call the people who are most adept at this barrier breakers!  Sometimes, just the fact that there is a barrier is enough motivation to go break through it!  It's really not even about athletics, this is as true for the issues you've been having with your spouse or child, to the hesitation you feel about finally starting your own business or opening your own shop!  Today is the day we must take a stand against the todler mindset.  Let's evaluate our past failures and tear down some walls!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Thoughts on freedom, and awesomeness...

Every once in a while, a moment comes in life, where we are presented with a choice.  Sometimes we aren't even aware that it's there, that a choice has to be made.  Now, we make choices every day, but sometimes the magnitude of some choices are bigger than others.  and other times, rare times, the choice feels small but the impact it will have on our lives is profound.  These choices usually are surrounded with feelings of uncertainty and these choices are always opposed.  Take for example five years ago my decision to go to an after hours business meeting that i really wasn't looking forward to.  The profound impact that choice has had on my life cannot possibly be measured.  Our entire future sometimes swings on these little minute decisions that we can so easily miss if we are not ever vigilant.

The reason for this fact of life, is that although we don't always see it, and we are not always aware of it, there is an amazing incredible life that is ours to take if we just have the courage to step into it.  The thing that holds us  back is fear.  It doesn't matter if it's a huge decision, like whether or not to have kids, or a little decision, like whether or not to pursue a new relationship. What we are afraid of is that we have to put down the baggage of the past first, in order to pick up the treasure of the future.

Sometimes, this is even harder because we've been living with the baggage for so long it's hard to imagine life without it.  We've been fearful, or oppressed, or out of shape for so long, that our mind has turned against us and we find it difficult to imagine being healthy, or hard to imagine life without fear... ironic that we can actually be afraid of living without fear, but i have seen it before.  it's just that we've been beat up for so long we don't even realize what is good and what is bad for us anymore, it's incredibly difficult to see clearly when we are stuck in the middle of the pain of life.

The truth is, you must be willing to leave behind what feels safe, secure, and familiar in order to move your life forward!  Your life starts at the end of your comfort zone!  You must stop making excuses in order to reach the next level.  I know you have what it takes, and if you don't think you do then find someone who can see you the way you want to be, the true you, and CLING TO THEM WITH ALL YOUR STRENGTH because those people are RARE!  Run away from those who try to change you for the worse, and cling to those who see you truly  and are willing to love you anyway and help you see yourself as the BEST you you can be.

If you've already made a decision to change, but are just beginning the journey, I have good news and bad news.  The good news is that the hardest part is behind you.  Making the choice is the toughest part... but it's not the part that FEELS the hardest.  The truth is every day will feel the hardest for a short season while your emotions and thoughts and instincts will try to pull you back to your old way of existing!  This is why people in abusive relationships keep going back over and over.  it's our own minds working against us!  just hold on to this truth.  You already know the past, it's written down and over.  But your future doesn't have to be another chapter just like the last, just resist going back to the old ways and stand firm!  there is awesomeness right around the corner!

Your future is waiting, waiting for you to go through the pain of leaving your past behind.  And you can't have the future til you lose the past.  It's just how the world works.  You will either suffer the pain of discipline  and choosing your own destiny, or you will suffer the pain of regret.  It's your choice.

My last thought is this... the main thing you are faced with each day that hold us back from our goals, ALL our goals... Family, finance, fitness, business, and personal goals... the thing holding us back is between our own ears..  Fear,  doubt, and worry.  How do you think you're life will turn out if you make all your decisions based on fear doubt and worry.

But don't be afraid, and don't be sad.  It feels big right now because your in the moment, but soon, you won't believe you waited as long as you have to become who you were meant to be.  Take ground, leave no fear left alive!  You CAN go for it and WIN!  I'll see you on the other side!

Saturday, February 16, 2013


Life.  Life really is an incredible thing, and we humans really are miraculous things.  Incredible creatures capable of the most amazing accomplishments and the most horrific crimes.  Human history is dotted with individuals who's contributions have sounded like a trumpet through time.  Humans like Einstein or Newton, who just by thinking profoundly, impacted the development of science and technology on a global scale, and not just during their lives, but for centuries thereafter even to today.  People like Abraham Lincoln or Thomas Edison are well known names and they defined entire ages!  We are still to this moment living in the wake of their decisions, experiencing the echoes of their lives.  Each of us has this power, the power to affect the world around us in profound ever expanding ways that boggle even our own imaginations.  All that is required is that we accept it.  That we stop running and dodging the fact that we are wonderfully and powerfully made and we start living as though our actions have consequences that echo in eternity.  Our families are counting on us to do this, our children, our spouses, our friends, our communities, truly the world!

This blog is a little more serious than most, but this is a very important topic to me and one I will dedicate a serious amount of energy to.  I believe there are three major attacks against the world today.  Three major area's that have fallen under prolonged assault.  Our families and the role of families in our communities, our understanding of money and resources and how to manage them, and our health and fitness.

Let's start with health and fitness.  Never before in history have we been so affected by this assault.  Hyper-palatable foods crafted from any worthless thing that have no actual nutritional value and do nothing but add pounds and pounds are so abundant it is astounding!  Not to mention the incredible pharmaceutical industry!  They don't want people to be healthy, they want people to be dependent!  Whether it's fast food, pharmaceuticals, or whatever, the lack of available knowledge and desire required to take care of ourselves is drastically lower than the way we would take care of a machine capable of as much!  Just think of how science would wonder and stagger in amazement if suddenly they had a robot as functional as a man, capable of imagining and thinking.  And yet we wake every day and take it totally for granted that we are such a thing.

Second of all, never before have there been so many people with so many resource issues than there are today!  Our country and our citizens individual debt is bigger than ever before, and the education and information needed to turn it all around is totally absent!  The average household owes over $10,000 in credit card debt alone, up 29% from 2000 per USA Today.  On top of that, the average household owes 20% more than it makes each year according to Newsweek!  A yahoo finance survey indicated that 61% of Americans said they don’t save enough, and what they do set aside isn’t in the right savings vehicle, and 68% said they would save more if they could, but lacked the extra funds.  Plus, 44% of Americans said they simply guessed what they would need (to save) for a comfortable retirement! Guessed!!  Clearly the information needed to make informed decisions is simply lacking.  What's worse, almost half of all workers live paycheck to paycheck just to make ends meet (CNN).
The nation’s median salary is around $36,000, and has stayed flat for almost 2 decades, while the cost of living has soared. Americans must make $62,000 today to buy what $36,000 bought in 1989 (Bureau of Labor Statistics).  I'm not trying to sound a death gong over here or make it seem like all is lost.  Watch the news if you want to hear that.  I'm simply saying we need people to talk and we need people to offer and educate on these topics!  The only way we can turn this around is by education.

Last but certainly not least is families.  With a divorce rate that is through the roof, and more checked-out parents and dead beat dads than ever before, families and society is cracking.  Crime is rising, more public shootings every year, devastating story after devastating story on the news about all the most broken things humans can do to each other.  Families need help.

The truth is that all it takes for evil to flourish and prevail is for good men and women to do nothing.  This is why, in 2013 I will be focusing on helping families, individuals, and organizations attack these three issues.  Family, Finance, and Fitness.  I am forming a group and looking for partners to help me roll out the IronLife program.  This will directly focus on these three great issues we face in the world today.  It's time good men and women stepped up.  It's time we started taking responsibility for where we are and what's been going on.  It's not our brothers and sisters that are to blame, our fight is not against flesh and blood, but against authorities and powers of the dark!  I'm not talking black magic here I'm talking about the darkness of not being aware that there is a better way!!!  The darkness of giving up and just not knowing the simple truths that can set people free!

I believe there is a better way to live.  A way to take control of our lives, of our fitness, of our finances.  A way we can be examples of greatness to our families that will bring them together.  A way to live that will not cause our children to hate and run from us but to adore us.  A different family model where children look up to and seek advice from their parents, through teenage years and even into adulthood.  Where children are not viewed as burdens but as blessings!!  Where finances are not a source of shame or something to be avoided in conversation or sneered at or ignored, but to be proud of and openly discussed!  The fact that this subject is so taboo and untouchable, often even between spouses, is the source of the issue in the first place!  Victory with our resources is not an impossible to discover secret.  It is available and we should expect victory and we can do it!!  It's just a matter of information, not inability!  Finally, fitness; I went from the couch, to a full blown IronMan in six months flat.  There is alot of bogus information out there designed to keep us unhealthy, taking pills, eating badly, and buying every diet fad that comes down the pike, but it dosn't have to be that way!  I'll be aggressively attacking all three of these issues this year, so stay tuned!  We'll be starting weekly chalenges, books, workout groups, workshops and more!  I am very excited!

Share this story with someone today, and stay tuned for the actual program, and ways we can all start taking back these three areas of our lives!  Help me spread the word about this little blog and the coming IronLife program and together, we can make a difference!